Mapping your mouth

You can now enjoy brushing your teeth under the watchful eye of
a dentist with the new Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected.
(It’s quite a mouthful!) The new toothbrush, which launches in July, combines a
variety of sensors in the handle to track how you’re brushing your teeth in
real time. The data then feeds into an accompanying Android and IOS app via Bluetooth.
While the user is busy brushing, the app then creates a 3D map of your mouth to
show you which teeth you’re brushing well and which need your attention, even
telling the user when they are scrubbing too hard. When the 2-mins of brushing
are over (both the brush and the app have a timer), you can check how well
you’ve done.

out more: http://philips.to/1Yi3Gfa

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